About FISAF International

FISAF International is an international non-governmental organization existing under the legal frame of Act No. 116/1985 Coll. On Conditions for the Activities of Organizations with International Element, as amended.

FISAF International is an international, independent, democratic and non-profit federation dedicated to Sports Aerobics, Fitness and Hip Hop and to development of the aerobic and fitness industry on an international level.

FISAF International develops its strong and stable foundation by continuing to broaden its operation in activities which provide the greatest benefits to the greatest number of members.

Articles of Association (2017)

These activities include:

  • sports aerobics, fitness and hip hop competition
  • education and certification
  • communication
  • conventions and expos
  • products
  • business networks

The objectives of FISAF International shall be in the sector of Fitness & Sports Aerobics and Hip Hop in all its form (hereinafter “sport”) to

  • raise the standards in relation to commercial and non-commercial activities,
  • promote sport internationally, administer and encourage the development,
  • advance international cooperation among its members,
  • increase interest and awareness,
  • develop conditions for successful expansion and implement a strategy for the development of the sport including strategies for each of: performance at international and national level; international competition; and increasing participation of the youth and adults,
  • act as the governing body for the sport worldwide,
  • act as the representative member for worldwide in international affairs,
  • make and vary all such rules for persons participating in the sport (including rules against doping in the sport with full respect of the World Anti-Doping Code) from time to time,
  • develop a commercial, marketing and public relations programme for the sport,
  • develop a competition programme and co-ordinate competition fixtures,
  • consult and co-operate with other organisations operating in the sport in all matters relating to the administration, promotion and playing of the sport,
  • develop and nurture relationships with the National Olympic Committees,
  • undertake and execute charitable trusts for the benefit of the sport. That’s all in the field of hobby and/or competition sport forms and education of sport professionals in particular. Also with emphasis on improving the services provided by above mentioned sport and, in the generally preventive area, on advancing the active promotion of regular exercise as integral part of healthy lifestyle, irreplaceable part of the fight against overweight, obesity and other civilization diseases.