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  • Deidre Bryant
  • Gemma MacMillan
  • John Pheeney
  • Kristy DeLore
  • Lucy Goddard
  • Vivienne Lattimore


  • Marianne Belpaire
  • Tine Ceusters
  • Tania Verhoogen

Czech Republic

  • Jana Hájková 
  • Taťána Šotková 
  • Nikola Šťastná 
  • Dagmar Zitová


  • Carolyn Maxwell-Mahon 


  • Antonio Ribet
  • Paolo Abbate

New Zealand

  • Gemma Lowther
  • Tanya Houpt

The Netherlands

  • Francien Van Gent


  • Irina Zinovyeva

South Africa

  • Conita Le Roux
  • Donovan Muller

Marianne Belpaire | Belgium

Marianne has been passionate about moving to music since childhood; different forms of dance, ballet, aerobics. It was in line with her expectations to continue studying as a Master in Physical Education, followed by a Master in Physiotherapy and Motor Rehabilitation (University Ghent).
Marianne is a lecturer at the University College in Physical Education (Professional Bachelor degree) and at the University of Physical Education (Ghent). She is a qualified instructor in group fitness and gave Hi-Lo classes for 12 years.
This year she can celebrate her jubilee; 20 years national and international experience in judging Sports Aerobics (FISAF) behind!


Gemma MacMillan | Australia

Gemma found a love for sports aerobics at the age of 11, having begun dancing at the age of 3. She competed in a trio for 5 years, representing Australia in the 2004 FISAF World Championships, gaining a bronze medal. She began judging Sports Aerobics and Hip Hop in 2007 and received her FISAF Sports Aerobics international judging qualification in 2016.
Gemma is involved in FISAF Australia serving on both the advisory panel and the school development committee. She is also heavily involved in school-based program development, setting rules and regulations, and serving as the Australian School Stream Head Judge.


Taťána Šotková | Czech Republic

Taťána comes from Prague, Czech Republic. She has always been involved in exercise associated with music, her background is in ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, and aerobics. She has been working in the Fitness industry for over 30 years, teaching various kinds of Group exercise lessons and Health physical education for adults and children.
She became a Sports Aerobics and Fitness judge in the Czech Republic in 1996 and has been an international Fisaf judge since 2004, both Sports Aerobics and Fitness. She judges all criteria but prefers judging artistic because she loves movement connected with music.

Francien Van Gent | The Netherlands

Francien has been a FISAF International Judge for 25 years and was a member of the FISAF Technical Committee.
She has also been a Sports Instructor for 40 years, teaching at elementary & high schools.
Francien has been an International Presenter of Aerobics at World Conventions in the UK and Brazil for many years and was a national coach and choreographer of Sports Aerobics. She also choreographed Fashion Shows in The Netherlands, Brazil and Portugal.
Francien has held the position of Chair of Urban Bond Nederland, department of Urban Dance & Education.
Last but not least: Everybody is a Winner!

Jana Hájková | Czech Republic

Jana studied at Charles University, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.
She works as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Education, the Department of Physical Education and teaches practical gymnastics and aerobics subjects.
She is the author of a lot of articles and books about gymnastics, sports aerobics, fitness and sports training.
She is also co-author of the FISAF Technical Regulation of sports aerobic and fitness, judging e-learning tests. Jana has judged internationally for more than 20 years.

Lucy Goddard | Australia

Lucy fell in love with Sports Aerobics at age 11 and continued competing in the sport until the age of 17. She began coaching at age 14 and there found a new appreciation of the sport and continues to this day coaching all levels of athletes from beginner school students to international athletes. Lucy is a qualified Health and Physical Education in Australia and works across multiple primary schools running their HPE departments.  

She began judging for FISAF Australia as she left high school and received her FISAF Sports Aerobics and Fitness international judging qualifications in 2019. Her continued passion for Sports Aerobics led her to the FISAF Sports Aerobics & Fitness Technical committee in 2021 where she was able to continue to grow and share her love for the sport as a member of this committee. In 2022 Lucy has taken over the position of Chair of the FISAF International Sports Aerobics and Fitness Technical.  

Antonio Ribet | Italy

Antonio Maria Ribet lives in Rome, Italy, and has been a Lawyer since 1989. He loves sport and has been a national representative in tennis, is a teacher of aqua-gym and a trainer of sports aerobics.
He has been a National FISAF judge since 1993, and an international FISAF judge from 1998. He has judged all criteria and likes to spend his free time working as a judge.
Antonio was a member of the FISAF International Technical Committee and has been integral in creating a ranking sheet for the judges.

Conita Le Roux | South Africa

"I have always been involved with exercise in one way or another. I was a gymnast for 25 years of my life an now I am a mom of a rhythmic gymnast. Many years ago, aiming to do classes for extra money as a student, I attained my qualification as a Group Exercise Instructor, teaching Aerobics, Step, Spinning and Aqua and continued this for 25 years. I have two honours degrees; Sports Management and Biokinetics (Exercise Therapist) and I currently work for a Wellness and Rewards Program.
In 2008, in Dubna, I passed my FISAF International Judges exam for Sports Aerobics and have judged internationally since 2009 as a Technical and Aerobic Judge. I also hold the position of Head of the Technical Committee for the South African Sports Aerobic and Fitness Federation (SASAFF)."

Tanya Houpt | New Zealand

"My brother dragged me along to a High Impact Aerobics class many, many years ago which had well over 100 people in it - the hype was amazing and from that day on I was hooked. I have been in the Fitness industry for 37years, involved in many different roles; Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer, Instructor Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Manager. This experience, together with a Diploma of Sports Studies and a recent Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation has led to my current vocation as a Rehabilitation Exercise Therapist.
Being a gymnast and dancer, I was asked to judge a National Sports Aerobics competition way back in 1991. I had found something that mixed my two favourite disciplines and Sports Aerobics grew to be my passion! What better way to be fit and healthy than to use music and movement to do it. Sports Aerobics, Fitness, Hip Hop, or any dance form for that matter - I love them all and have enjoyed sharing my expertise in the forms of choreography, coaching, FISAF Technical Committee member and International FISAF Judge since 1999."

Irina Zinovyeva | Russia

Irina became involved in FISAF in 2002 as a Fitness Aerobic Team competitor and later in 2009 became a National Judge.
In 2011 Irina became a qualified FISAF international Fitness judge and has judged regularly since then at FISAF European and World Championships and national country events.
She was an active member of the FISAF international Technical Committee until recently.
Irina lives in Moscow, Russia and her favourite quote is: “Never give up on your dream!”

Tine Ceusters | Belgium

Tine started as a national judge in 1996 and became an international judge in 1998 for Sports Aerobics, later also for Fitness teams and Hip Hop. She is an experienced judge who judged not only national championships but more than 50 international events of which 11 EFC and 22 WFC.
Tine has been an active member of the technical committee for several years and trained many national and international judges.
She is educated and still working in physical education and sports, sports management, event management and sports policy. She has a dance background in Jazz and Modern dance and was fitness instructor hi-lo and step.
Her slogan is ‘Work hard - Play hard’

Kristy DeLore | Australia

Kristy has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years and has managed a number of fitness and health clubs. A qualified Physical Education teacher, Kristy also educates beginning fitness instructors, personal trainers and sports coaches, and has previously been involved as a university lecturer in Physical Education.
Kristy has competed both nationally and internationally in sports aerobics and fitness and was a member of the Australian gold medal-winning Step Team at the FISAF World Championships in Ghent in 2000.
Kristy became a National Judge in 2004, and later an International Judge in both Fitness (2005) and Sports Aerobics (2009).
Kristy enjoys teaching a wide variety of group fitness classes and has a passion for working with children.

Donovan Muller |  South Africa

Donovan Muller became involved in FISAF in 2004, when he qualified in Rotterdam to be an International judge. He is a national judge in South Africa since 2001, and currently the Head Judge in South Africa. He started teaching aerobics and dance in 1987 and is still involved in Fitness. Throughout his career, he presented many workshops and Masterclasses, both nationally and internationally.
Donovan was an active member of the Technical committee until recently and is very involved in developing the sport and judges in South Africa. He is also a level 1 Hip Hop Unite judge because Hip Hop is another passion of his.
Donovan lives in Stellenbosch, the capital of the wine region in South Africa. His motto is: “You should never regret anything in life. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s an experience.”

Chris Schaefer | Germany

Chris is a Ballroom and Latin American Dancer, working for more than 40 years as a Coach, Choreographer and Judge. He also competed in Formation Teams nationally and internationally for more than 25 years.|
Chris has even won place in the German Championship of Wheelchair Dancing with his partner who is disabled. He also competed as a FISAF mixed pair (1st place), as a Fitness Aerobic and Step team member. Outside of dance and aerobics, he has been an Aerobic and Fitness Instructor and a coach and choreographer for Cheerleading Teams.
Chris started judging FISAF competition in 1996 and has judged all categories; Fitness Step and Aerobic, Sports Aerobics and Funk/Hip Hop. He has judged Fitness Teams for FISAF internationally since 2013.

Nikola Šťastná |  Czech Republic

Nikola has engaged in aerobics for almost 20 years, first as an athlete and later as a coach and
choreographer. Nikola has been an aerobics judge for the last 10 years and helps consult and train new FISAF judges in the Czech Republic. She has completed her university degree in economics and works as a project manager in the civil engineering and construction business. Today Nikola takes care of her two little children Viktoria (3) and David (1), and lives in a small city called Zlin in the Czech Republic.

Carolyn Maxwell-Mahon | France

"I was born in Australia and have been living in France for the past 28 years. I am a full-time working architect and am also passionate about aerobics and fitness. I practice fitness everyday doing classes of hi-lo and step as well as swimming and jogging.
After completing and passing the FISAF Fitness teaching certificate in 1997, I worked part-time as a fitness instructor and started participating in FISAF competitions.
From 1997-2002, I participated each year in fitness competitions both nationally and internationally in both fitness aerobics and step, which were wonderful experiences (and alot of fun!). My team won the step at the World Championship in 2001.
I have been on the Board of FISAF France since 2003 and started judging internationally in 2005 after passing the FISAF International Judges exam for both Sport Aerobics and Fitness in 2004."

Gemma Lowther | New Zealand

Gemma Lowther has been involved in sport aerobics for 20years. 
She is the head of New Zealand Competive Aerobics Federation technical committee and is a
national and international FISAF judge. She has a background in Dance and Gymnastics and has hasrepresented New Zealand in both Sport Aerobics and Fitness. She  is a secondary school Dance and PE teacher with a background in group fitness. She has taught and judged in Europe, and currently resides in New Zealand.

John Pheeney | Australia

John has been involved in the Fitness Industry now for almost 30 years. He is a qualified Primary School Teacher and Aerobics Instructor. He has Judged with FISAF all around the world for over 20 years. He has also been a past aerobics competitor and coach. His favourite quote is “You`re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting... so , get on your way! (Dr Seuss). John is currently living and teaching in Berlin, Germany.

Deidre Bryant | Australia

Deidre became involved in this great sport 21 years ago, in 1997, through her daughter`s involvement in club gymnastics, and sports aerobics at school.  Today, together with her daughter Casey, manages a small but successful club on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.   She has been judging in Australia since 2002 (both FIG & FISAF) and over the past few years has progressed to judging FISAF at International level.  Deidre has also been a General member, Judging Co-ordinator and Chairman on various State Committees over the years - contributing to changes to Technical Regulations, compilation of newsletters and bulletins, chaired meetings, and liaised with national co-ordinating committees. She is currently a member of FISAF Australia Advisory Panel.

Vivienne Lattimore | Australia

I became a professional Ballerina in 1978, years later injury forced me to consider another profession. Reeboks replaced pointe shoes and I went on to become an Elite Fitness Instructor and Step Aerobics Trainer presenting at National and International Fitness Conventions.

With my love of dance and choreography I discovered Sport Aerobics entering my first competition in 1989 when I was 29 years old. With many medals in Step Teams, Individuals, Trios and a toddler and small baby to focus on, I hung up my competition reeboks at 41 years of age after winning Silver in Step teams at the World Championships in Morocco 2001.
I opened the very first private Sport Aerobics studio in Australia, working full time as a prominent choreographer, coach and costume maker since then, coaching, collaborating, creating routines and/or costumes for many world-class Aerobic Champions and competitors. I produced and managed FISAF NSW State Aerobic Championships for 9 years, assisting FISAF National event for 5 years. I became a FISAF International Judge in 2008 judging my first world championship in Martinique 2009 and have been active in judging all levels of competitions in Australia and Internationally. I am the creator of NEO Weighted Training, launching a world first training aid with a multitude of applications to the sport and fitness industry.
Lured back to the stage in 2019 for Performance Teams, my team placed 4 th at the FISAF World Championships at age 59.