Accredited Fitness Education & Certification

Fisaf International has been offering Fitness Education programs to its member countries for over 25 years. It is pleased to be able to share with you its latest iteration which is a marked change from its original program. This new version is targeted at the entry level Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and Aqua Instructor with updated course competencies and a student manual for each course. Each course includes the  art and science of human movement and is assessed by both an E-Test and a practical exam. All students are required to undertake a short online course evaluation on completion of all course components.

We are confident you will find the new materials to your liking and that your students will be well prepared to enter the fitness field.


Section 2:     CURRICULUM
Part A: Personal Trainer
Part B: Group Exercise Instructor
Part C: Aqua Instructor


Section 3:     STUDENT MANUALS

Part A: Accredited Training
Personal Trainer Student Manual


Part B: Accredited Training
Group Exercise Student Manual


Part C: Accredited Training
Aqua Instructor Student Manual

FISAF International Certification Categories

Certification is available in four primary instructor occupations:

Aims and Benefits of FISAF International Instructor Certification

FISAF International Instructor Certification is recognized and supported in around 15 countries (FISAF International Member countries) worldwide.

Develops a highly skilled workforce for the aerobic and fitness industry.

The FISAF International Instructor Certificate is valued by employers and consumers as proof of an employment ready qualification.

Develops and promotes a high international standard in instructor certification.

More information comming soon!