Since early days, FISAF International has been developing its education segment providing opportunity for individuals all over the World to become World Class Fitness and Sports Professionals. Today, 18 years since the start, more than 10,000 fitness enthusiast have received the highest level of standard in fitness and sport education. With the latest edition of education materials, we made one step further to ensure that our certification program gets recognized in many countries around the World.     

FISAF International Education Mission is to include latest scientific knowledge in the field of Fitness and Sports in its education materials and to exercise practical implication through its education courses.

Education Committee
FISAF International Education is run by independent, democratic and non-profit committee dedicated to sport aerobics, fitness and sports education development on international level. FISAF International EDC maintains a diplomatic and open policy with regards to communicating with the members and other international organizations in the field of education.  FISAF International EDC develops a strong and stable foundation for the educational structure by continuing work and developing to the greatest benefits for the greatest number of members.

Education system
Current education system starts with Exercise Science course which represent the basis for all other courses.

All courses have Theory and Practical part; both for lectures and examination too.