Join us for a series of online question and answers sessions, presented by the amazing members of our FISAF Technical Committee! 

Each online session is FREE and suitable for coaches, athletes, judges, those interested in judging, supporters - anyone!

• All sessions will be 60 minutes duration 

• Held over zoom

• Details of discussion topics and dates

11th October 

Q & A Sports Aerobics Technical Regulations 

Jana and Tanya

8am Europe / 7pm NZ

25th October 

Q & A Fitness Teams Technical Regulations 

Tine and Betka

9am Europe / 9pm NZ  

8th November 

Q & A Masters Technical Regulations 

Sandi, Manu (Tanya and Jana in support)

9am Europe / 9pm NZ

22 November 

Q & A Novice Cup Technical Regulations   (International competition = Sports Aerobics Recreational Cup)  

Nathalie, Sandi, Tanya

9am Europe / 9pm NZ

Final details will be shared (including a zoom link and meeting ID) one week prior to each session being held on our Facebook account and website!

SAVE THE DATES FISAF Community and let’s do this!   Please share and spread the word!