Sports Aerobics & Fitness World Championships 2021

Date: 22 – 24 of November

21 November – arrival, 22 November – registration, floor testing and preliminaries, 23 November – semi-finals, 24 November – finals, 25 November – GA, workshops, departure

Final timetable will be released after the deadline. 

Place: Municipal Stadium in Agen, France

Pre-registration WFC 2021

We understand, regarding the WFC in Agen, our members have the health and safety of their delegations as a priority.  FISAF and the event organisers are doing everything humanly possible to address all restrictions and safety protocols.  We are all looking forward to a ‘live’ event!

In a world of Covid 19, things are very dynamic and changeable making it difficult to make plans for anything!  We have decided to have pre-registration for 2021 WFC which is prompted by questions/comments such as; will there be enough entries for the competition to go ahead, can we withdraw after registration if we find we can’t travel, we want to come but don’t want to be the only ones in a category, when would we find out who is competing, and is it worth taking the extra effort and risk to travel!

  • Pre-registration will be done using the FRF, as for a ‘normal’ registration but will not require payment, or submission of music or skill lists
  • Pre-registration is due on the 30th of September 2021
  • Once processed, Members will receive a list of entries in each Category and Age Division

Pre-registration will provide the information we need to answer these questions and will also help from an organisational point of view.   

Final registration will be earlier than planned, now on the 15th of October.  This will give countries more time to organise flights and delegations, especially those outside of Europe.

Deadline for Pre-registration 30th September (no payment) Actual registration 15th October

Registration fee:

The official registration fee for Sports Aerobics and Fitness athletes is as follows:

• 40 EUR for the first routine

• 20 EUR for each routine after that

Categories – Sports Aerobics: Cadet, Junior, Adult, Master – men, women, duo, trio

Categories – Fitness: Cadet, Junior, Adult – aerobic grande, step, aerobic performance

We are planning international workshop during the event. More information coming soon. 


More information for delegations coming to the event:

Please, follow the official instructions for travelling from your country of origin to France and back.

We suggest, when starting to plan your trip to the Worlds, make sure you have insurance for your travel and accommodation related to your trip that includes coverage of any possible complications related to Covid-19.