Presented by the Sports Aerobics & Fitness Technical Committee

Getting Started Package

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What does the package include?

  1. Pre-choreographed Routine
  2. Training Videos
  3. Video Glossary of ALL Novice Skill Elements

1. Pre-choreographed Routine

A Pre-Choreographed Routine has been created based upon the FISAF International Novice Rules for countries wanting to provide beginner level coaches and athletes an option to compete in competitions at a national level. This provides the countries to create a category where athletes/coaches who are new to the sport do not need to choreograph their own routines.


All levels

The routine can be used for: Minis, Cadets, Juniors & Adults


Skill choices

The routine has been designed so athletes choose skills appropriate for their own ability level as per novice rules.


Simple to learn

You are provided with

  • Front view - with music
  • Back view - with music
  • Slow Breakdown with counts of each 3rd
  • Choreography notes

2: Training Videos

The Package includes 9 Videos to assist with training:
Some examples are;

  • Stretch/Flexibility Program.
  • Warm Up/Technique Drills.
  • Core/Leg Tension Drills.
  • Push Up Program.
  • Switch Jete Training Drills
  • Straddle Jump Circuit Drills.

3: Video Glossary

The package also includes 4 Video Glossaries showing examples of ALL Skill elements in the Novice Rules:

  • Jumps.
  • Push Ups.
  • Static.
  • Flexibility.

Pre-Choreographed Routine

Includes Videos & Choreography notes.

Training Videos

9 videos outlining training drills to improve; Strength, Jumps, Flexibility & More.

Video Glossary

Includes a Video Glossary of ALL Novice Skill Elements

To Register Your Interest in the Package & to Receive Further Information

Email The Sports Aerobics Technical Committee Chair Tanya Houpt